Sarah Penna of Big Frame

Sarah Penna is the head of talent management for Big Frame, a media company that provides marketing and production resources for the biggest Youtube Influencers. The company represents top online talent including MysteryGuitarMan, Destorm, Julian Smith, Dave Days, WhatsUPElle, Tay Zonday and more.

Sarah began her career working in reality TV for shows that aired on Discovery, HBO, Oxygen and Bravo. She was then hired to start Current TV’s Outreach Department. She managed hundreds of producers and was responsible for getting over a hundred short documentaries to air. During her time there, she became an Associate Producer for the critically-acclaimed Vanguard journalism team. She was then brought on to be the Director of Distribution and Business Development for a content creation studio that made scripted web series. She then became a producer for one of the top YouTube stars and in May of 2010, she formed Bigframe. She’s responsible for some of the most successful and largest brand deals on YouTube including Disney, Microsoft, Sony and more. She has also helped develop talent just starting out on YouTube.