Henry Weinacker

Henry Weinacker is a highly successful entrepreneur, public speaker, television personality and author. As the CEO of It’s Branding and Marketing, a international digital marketing company, Henry specializes in website development, logo design, social media marketing, SEO and content writing.

The Las Vegas SEVEN Magazine named Henry as one of the “Forty Most Intriguing People”. The Associated Press chose Henry for their international photograph when Verizon acquired iPhone at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. Henry became the global icon for the iPhone when it was featured on the front page of the ABC News,

As a public speaker Henry has lectured people all over the world about success and leadership. His sophistication, debonair, and signature hairstyle have garnered him appearances with some of the world’s most affluent and influential people. Some of the more unique and memorable moments have been with Richard Branson, the founders of Google, and Donald Trump.

Henry is one of the highest rated influencers on the web on business, Marketing, and social media, according to Klout, a San Francisco based company rated by Time Magazine as one of the 50 Best Websites of 2011. His popularity continually has him engaged with people across the world daily via social networks, websites, etc , epitomizing the meaning of a social entrepreneur.

Twitter: @henrywienacker